¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Research field of Yokoya Laboratory¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£

¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Computer Vision

Topics: stereo vision, depth map estimation, camera parameter estimation, omni-directional vision, structure from motion, 3-D reconstruction, image mosaicing

Camera parameter estimation based on GPS and vision Video mosaicing for curved surfaces 3-D reconstruction by moving video camera
Outdoor 3-D modeling by using 3-D active contour Camera parameter estimation based on landmark database Wareable Augmented Reality system using unvisible markers
Spatio-temporal super resolution for video images using depth maps Posture estimation for working human using real-time depth image sensor


¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Human interface

Topics: User interface, wareable augmented reality”¤telepresence

Support system for controlling an airship based on MR Projector based AR guiding system Annotation overlay on dynamic user of wareable computers with shared annotation database
Localization of walking and running user with wareable 3-D position sensor Authoring of Location-based Information Interactive 3-D modeling system
Construction of geographical database for photo captioning
based on shooting position and direction
Sightseeing spot video browsing system using geographical database based on shooting position and direction


¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Computer graphics

Topics: Real-time rendering, novel-viewpoint generation, Virtualized reality

Dense estimation of surface reflectance properties Realtime shadow rendering Photometric registration by adaptive high dynamic range image for AR
Fast rendering of reflections in non-uniform surfaces using a multi-scale environment map Photometric Registration Based on Defocus and Motion Blur Estimation for AR Novel view generation from omni-directionl videos

¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Mixed field of above research field

Topics: Telepresence, Augmented reality, Mixed reality”¤Image inpainting,

Video presentation using multiple PTZ cameras in child-care facility Telepresence system for omni-directional camera Panolama video generation from omni-directional multi-camera system
3-D video generation from omni-directional image sequences Image inpainting using similarity measures Generation of omni-directional video sequence without invisible parts using inpainting techniques
3-D modeling of outdoor environments using omni-directional laser range finder 3-D surface inpainting using similarity of local surfaces Omni-directional novel view generation using multiple omni-directional depthmaps